Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today Lance finished his first Christmas book of the year.
Titled "Rudolf the red nose reindeer by Lance Masten" Lance was eager to read out loud his magnificent story of Rudolph, the Blue Man and the Green Elf that got fired because he wanted to be a Doctor (Tooth Doctor)

Why did you write this book?
- "so I can read it for Christmas"

What inspiration brought you to portray Rudolph the way you did in the book?
- "that's so hard to think, that's not even a Christmas book sentence"

Who do you write this book for?
- "myself."

Book reading.

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day monsters

There had been a surplus of creative activity recently in Lance's little world, for the past week he has been working vigorously to produce new pieces very radiply. Perhaps he has run out of toys he likes and is just creating his own, but other's speculate it's for the attention and praise he recieves from this online blog/gallery

I had been visiting home from work for the summer when this happened and no sooner did I wait to work on the blog.

When I had noticed him working on a piece he was putting the finishing touches on a little monster that had a blue jewel embeded(glued) in place that appeared to be his belly. I watched as Lance colored his arms and drew additional designs on the monster's chest and with the swiftness of a fox he began working on the next part.

He started with a folded piece of plain white computer printer paper he so eagerly grabbed from the printer in the first spark of inspiration. He then drew (in black crayon) two trees and special symbols on the trees which appear to be magical ensignias (probably corresponding to the monster's stomach jewel) after finishing the detail of bark and tree face he drew the tops of the trees and added color to the landscape. He recovered a folded note card out from somewhere and placed it in front of the trees he had standing now (since he folded the paper in half before drawing it, to allow it to stand alone) and placed his little monster in front of the trees using the note card to hold the monster up because the monster was only 2-D and couldn't stand alone.

it's called Dig T (not sure how to say it)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i saw this from happy feet

The following interview was conducted this afternoon while Lance was on his way out the door to go swimming for the first time this year.

So when did you make this?
"because that penguin was from Christmas."
And why did you color it yellow?
"because penguins have yellow ovals on their tummy."
What's it made out of?
"I made it with paper, ok? and I drawled it with markers, with yellow and black, ok, yeah."
Did you see this on TV?
"from happy feet"
Lance what is it called? the Penguin?
"it's just called a penguin"

Lance then closed the interview with...
"i like making penguins and
tigers and i also will make a giraff. wait for a second i
have to go swimming.
And remember, don't make the sentence long, ok?"

After proof reading this draft Lance felt it wasn't neccessary to add the text in red, and was worried the post would be too long. He was much too concerned with going swimming than talking about his artwork.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hi my name is lance

I am six years old and I like to make things.

Today I made this.

It's a Bad Guy.

Welcome, I've started this blog about
my baby brother Lance. He is a role model for me, he is very talented and
possesses skills of creating things from simple materials and tools. He is only
six and he is cool. BTM, Lance is very funny.